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Preventing static electricity hazard in rubber production

Release time:2018-12-20

Preventing static electricity hazard in rubber production is a problem faced by many rubber enterprises. For the solution and safety measures, the following points to talk about.

Electrostatic place

1. Where there are electrostatic hazards in the process and equipment to the place, the corresponding electrostatic safety measures must be adopted. For static electricity, I can summarize it in several points.

2. In areas where explosive gases may occur in the surrounding environment, ventilation measures must be strengthened to keep their concentration below the lower explosive limit.

3. After taking electrostatic safety measures, the electrostatic potential of insulators should be controlled below the allowable value. Recommended allowable value

1. When flammable and flammable mixtures exist in the surrounding environment and may reach explosion range, the static potential of insulators should be controlled below 1 kV for flammable and flammable mixtures whose minimum ignition energy is less than 0.1 mJ, and the static static position of insulators should be controlled below 5 kV for flammable and flammable mixtures whose minimum ignition energy is more than 0.1 mJ.

2. The static potential of insulator should be controlled below 10 kV only to prevent the static insulator from causing electric shock to operators.

3. In the case of secondary accidents caused by electrostatic shock to operators, the corresponding safety measures should be taken for the equipment or devices, except that the electrostatic potential of insulators should be controlled below 10 kV.

4. Operators must wear anti-static shoes or conductive shoes and anti-static work clothes in areas where explosion and fire hazards occur. Conductive ground should be laid in the operation area. The resistance value of conductive ground to ground should be less than 10_, and its conductive performance must be maintained regularly. Operators are strictly prohibited from wearing synthetic fiber clothes (except clothes regularly treated with anti-static solution) into the above-mentioned areas. Strictly prohibit undressing in the above areas.

5. Operators should wear anti-static shoes in a place where the human body needs to be prevented from being charged. Conductive ground should be laid on the ground of the operation area and its conductive performance should be maintained regularly.

Antistatic in Production Procedure

The main electrostatic safety precautions in the production process of rubber products are as follows:

1. Rubber refining: Ion current static eliminator should be installed when raw rubber is plasticized with open rubber refining machine, insulating rubber is pressed and gasoline slurry film is refined.

2. Heat refining: When insulating hot rubber is supplied by an open rubber mixer, an inductive static eliminator shall be installed at the film removal place.

3. Slurry Manufacturing: When using flammable solvents to make the slurry, the following measures must be taken:

(1) Gear drive should be used as far as possible in slurry manufacturing machinery. When triangular belt drive is used, anti-static triangular belt must be selected for transmission. When using ordinary triangular belt drive, measures must be taken to improve its surface conductivity, and periodic inspection should be carried out. According to the use situation, timely treatment should be made so that the value of resistance to ground at any point on its surface is not greater than 10_under any circumstances.

(2) The peeling of adhesive film on the wall of mortar barrel must leave the area where explosion and fire are dangerous, and the movement must be light and slow.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to use pumps to inject solvents directly into the mixing barrel of the slurry. Self-flow mode must be adopted. When rubber or plastic pipes are used for conveying solvents such as slurry and gasoline, conductive rubber pipes, conductive plastic pipes or conductive rubber pipes with metal braided layers must be used and grounded reliably.

(4) When manually putting in rubber strips, transporting mortar and uncovering the cover or cover of the mortar barrel, the movement must be light and slow. The use of insulating materials is strictly prohibited for the cover.

4. Gluing: When using flammable solvent glue, the following measures must be taken:

(1) Conductive Rubber Cots must be used in the design of rubber coating machine.

(2) Installation of inductive Static Eliminators at appropriate locations;

(3) increase the relative humidity of the surrounding environment of the electrified body, and set up a local steam spray facility at the front part of the drying part at the top of the coating roller and adhesive tape to keep the relative humidity of the space around the charged body at more than 70%.

(4) Where the operating tools are in contact with the mortar and live insulators, they should be made of materials with resistivity ranging from 10_to 10_ cm.

5. Calendering and cutting: during calendering and cutting of cord and canvas, electrostatic eliminators should be installed in all parts where operators often contact live insulators.

6. Tire curtain simple fitting: In the process of curtain simple fitting operation on the laminating machine, induction static eliminator or ion current static eliminator must be installed in the appropriate position;

7. Forming: Where gasoline and solvent mortar are used in the forming process, the following measures must be taken according to different processes:

(1) Retire forming: When using metal folding die to shape the tire, it must be operated according to "parallel capacitance method";

(2) Belt shaping: Ion current static eliminator and inductive static eliminator must be installed in proper position, and the working table must be conductive and reliable grounding;

(3) Rubber shoes shaping: When using the grouting technology, the grouting table must be electrically conductive and grounded reliably. It is strictly forbidden to operate on chairs with artificial insulating surfaces; it is strictly forbidden to use insulating boards as working surfaces, let alone to lay ungrounded metal boards on insulating panels. When the normal ventilation system stops operating, production must be stopped.

(4) Forming of Rubber Products: When workers operate, especially when they do peeling action, the action must be light and slow. The worktable must be a conductive one and must be reliably grounded.

8. Upper Cloth Cloth: In the process of upper cloth cloth cloth cloth, it should be installed in the proper position of the cloth closing machine.

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